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floating fountains for golf course and park decoration


Our fountains

Eurofountains was founded in 2002
and the head office is located in Partille,
Gothenburg, Sweden. We
produce high
quality and affordable floating fountains.

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Why Eurofountains?

100 % portable design lake fountain, installs in minutes.

Non-corrosive construction materials.

Natural aeration improves lake health.

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Is your pond healthy?

Most ponds and small lakes suffer from poor water quality caused by one common problem. Water stagnation!

circulating water and pond health

Circulting water and pond health

This occurs when waters are still with no form of natural flow, movement or circulation.

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Products & design

Eurofountain produce high quality and affordable floating fountains in Sweden.

The original design of the fountains comes from Eagle Fountain Works, Florida USA.

We are close relatives to the owners of Eagle Fountain Works.

Our products

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Warranty information

Every Eurofountain comes with a one year limited warranty from the pump manufacturer against manufacturing defects.

How to use our products

EUROFOUNTAINS          Mobil phone: +46 (0)73-386 13 52